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Self-Insured Health Plan Specialty Medication Savings Program

Pharma Strategies has developed and offers a proprietary plug-and-play solution designed to significantly lower specialty medication pharmacy expense for most self-insured plans. It’s a tried-and-tested model of care capable of reducing the cost of expensive specialty pharmaceuticals while improving patient outcomes.

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The Pharma Stategies Promise

20% Savings Guaranteed

Start saving 20% on qualified specialty medications immediately - at no additional cost to you, or your health plan or members. Contact us today to find out how together we can implement an efficient solution for reducing your rising specialty pharmaceutical costs.

We Put Members / Patients First

We know how important it is to you to provide quality care to your health plan members. Our program is non-disruptive to the member/patient journey and requires no doctor or medication changes.

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Our program puts patients first while providing a trusted solution for containing rising pharmaceutical costs. The Enhanced Care Management Program (ECMP) seamlessly integrates with your existing self-insured healthcare and pharmaceutical benefit plan to provide your members with their prescribed medications at a lower expense to you.

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Seamless Integration

Health and pharmacy plans are difficult to administer as is. Our solution complements your existing self-funded plan and requires no plan document changes.

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Minimal Administrative Impact

Our solution requires no changes to your existing plan, no vendor changes, and is not restricted to traditional plan enrollment timelines. You choose the date to get started and start saving.

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Clinical Partners

With our solution for lowering specialty medication expense for commercial self-insured health plans, participating Federally Qualified Health Care Centers can allocate more funding to increase staffing levels, provide additional clinical services and make improvements to infrastructure.

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Pharma Strategies offers a seamless patient onboarding process that emphasizes patient security and privacy - with no changes to members’ treating physicians or prescribed medications.

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Plan Sponsors

We help you contain rising pharmaceutical costs while taking care of your most important asset - your people.

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Strategic Partners

We partner with pharmacy benefit managers, brokers, consultants, and cost-containment service providers to help reduce costs on specialty medications while providing an opportunity for achieving improved patient outcomes.

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Sarah, age 29

When I received the email from my employer, my first reaction was not to enroll because I know and trust my physicians and I didn’t see a reason to select another. But when I learned there would be no change in doctors, medications, or the way I received them it made more sense. For less than half an hour of my time my employer saved money, my costs were reduced, and the entire process was pretty simple.

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Lauren, age 37

Initially I thought signing up for the program would be a major inconvenience, but my experience with Pharma Strategies has been great. I am a teacher with my own business on the side so my schedule is AWAYS full. The telehealth call was short and to the point (about 15 minutes) and I chose the day and time. The ECMP program has made my drug cost be less out of pocket for my particular health plan, and I gained advice on a few questions I can take to my doctor.

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Michael, age 58

Enrollment in the program was simple and easy. No change to how and when my medication is delivered, which was my biggest concern. Pharma Strategies went the extra mile to put me in touch with a case manager at the pharmacy who was able to resolve an issue with other medications I am taking. 10/10 would recommend.

Contact us today and learn how you can leverage this program at your organization.

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