Pharma Strategies offers a proprietary plug-and-play solution for reducing specialty medication expense for self-insured health plans. Our solution is designed to not only save money but improve the health outcomes of members with little to no disruption to the member (patient) journey.

Guaranteed 20% Savings on Specialty Medicines

While people managing chronic disease make up less than 10% of any given patient population, they often account for 50% or more of a plan’s pharmaceutical claim expense.

With pharmaceutical costs rising every year, businesses need a way to contain specialty medication claim expenses. Our solution allows you to get immediate savings of 20% on all qualified members and their prescribed medications.

Put Patients First With Minimal Administrative Impact

We know that providing members with a quality healthcare plan is important to all self-funded employers for many reasons. That’s why we designed a solution that has no impact on the member (patient) journey. What that means is that participating members will continue receiving the exact medications they were prescribed and trust, without having to change the doctors and specialists they are currently receiving care from. Our solution is easily implemented and requires no capital investment or on-going administrative cost to the member.

Clinical Partners

Federally Qualified Health Care Centers are at the forefront of serving underinsured populations. Our model-of-care allows FQHCs to establish a new revenue stream, enabling them to expand operations and close funding gaps.


Our platform is designed from the ground-up to put patients first. On-boarding is simple and easy. Participation requires no changes to a member’s (patient’s) treating physicians or prescribed medications. Once on-boarded, a member will have the opportunity to engage via a short telehealth appointment with a licensed program affiliated primary care provider. Your program provider will be able to discuss and answer any questions a member may have regarding strategies to better manage their diagnosed chronic condition, as well as their overall health.

Plan Sponsors

Plan sponsors need a proven, predictable, measurable, and sustainable way to contain rising pharmaceutical costs. We help you reduce specialty medication expenses while providing better care for your members.

Strategic Partners

Pharmacy benefit managers, brokers, consultants, and cost-containment service providers need trusted solutions for affordably providing specialty medications. Our solution provides a guaranteed 20% savings on eligible patients and medications, all with minimal administrative impact.

Contact us today to learn how you can start saving on specialty medicines.