Pharma Strategies was started because we saw an opportunity for significant savings on specialty medications within prescription benefit plans – all while providing improved outcomes for patients.

A Plug-and-Play Solution for Affordable Specialty Medications

Our chronic care support program seamlessly integrates with most self-insured plans to significantly lower pharmaceutical expenses. Prescription benefit plans are already complicated and difficult to administer. With this in mind, we developed a platform that’s easy to use with minimal administrative impact.

Putting the Patient First – In Every Situation

Nothing is more important than ensuring your patients receive the best possible care. Our program allows you to achieve considerable cost savings without any changes to your existing plan. Your members can continue to see the doctors and specialists they know and trust while using the same prescribed medications.

Guaranteed 20% Cost-Savings

As pharmacy costs continue to rise, businesses, pharmacy benefit managers, and FQHCs need a solution for containing expenses. We guarantee a 20% cost savings on specialty medicines, allowing you to easily budget and invest those savings in better care for employees.

A Word From Our CEO

“People managing one or more chronic diseases make up just 4-8% of any given patient population, yet they can often represent up to 50% of any given health plan’s Rx drug budget expense. Through our unique Enhanced Care Management Program partnerships, we have the ability to realize significant savings for our employer clients with little, if any, distraction or disruption to their #1 asset – their members.”

— Kurt Janson, CEO Pharma Strategies

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