At Pharma Strategies, we know how difficult it can be to provide quality care to uninsured and underinsured populations. That’s why we connect FQHC partners with commercial self-insured health plans interested in improving coordination of care and lowering their specialty medication expense for certain pre-identified patients. This is a win for all stakeholders and offers FQHC partners the opportunity to create a new revenue stream.

Reinvest Funds in Your Organization and Close Funding Gaps

Our FQHC partners benefit greatly from our partnerships because they receive the majority of the funds generated through this program. As a result, you can invest in new centers, expand your operations, and become more financially independent.

Why Clinical Partners Choose Pharma Strategies

“Our joining the Pharma Strategies ECMP Clinical Network has proven to be a saving grace for our health center. With over 50% of our patients being uninsured, having available resources to address health center needs has always been a challenge even when not dealing with pandemic related gaps in revenue. The incremental revenue generated by the ECMP has significantly decreased the stress over lack of resources and has allowed us the ability to proactively address cash and staff shortfalls across the organization which allows us the ability to provide better care to our patients because of enhancements to equipment, expanded services and staffing.”

– CEO, Federally Qualified Health Center

“The ECMP model-of-care was easily integrated into already established workflows, including our provider schedules, and no direct program or implementation related costs were or have been incurred. Importantly for us, the team at Pharma Strategies has been outstanding to work with. They are a trusted partner and have always demonstrated a sole focus on building strong relationships that benefit participating patients, self-insured commercial health plan sponsors and their FQHC clinical network partners.”

– COO, Federally Qualified Health Center

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